Week 1

During this project I will be recreating an area from Dead Space 2 in Unreal Engine 4. The focus of the project is to get used to using tiling textures, master materials, and channel packing.

This week has been used to block out/low poly model some of the main repeated sections and achieve a scale as accurate as I can.

The in-game environment:

The screenshots below show my progress at the end of each days where it was recorded, although this week I spent Friday and Saturday working on another project.


I began with looking up how tall the protagonist of the game was meant to be, and according to a wiki he is 183cm tall. I rounded this to 180 and started by giving the ramp shown below a width of 180cm, which was then used to estimate the size of the other objects around it.


One of my main goals was to find the right width of the space in between the large pillars in the room, this is because I needed to make a modular section of room that includes it.


I did a short test in UE4's third person template to see if the scale felt correct there. I positioned the camera and changed the run speed of the third person character to match how it looks in the game as closely as possible, as I felt this would help me visualize the scale better.


I wasn't happy with the scale so I went back and used the hand rail as a guide for scale instead. This worked out quite well as I could use the distance between the hand rail bars as a point of reference when scaling other objects.

The screenshot shows the progress on the modular room section. The coloured parts are some of the boxes and plane primitives that I used extensively for measuring distances in the scene.


Now that I was satisfied with the width of one of these sections, I began working on the basic detail on the corridors and archways, which was mainly to indicate where the stained glass windows would be placed.


There are no screenshots for this day, but I spent it working on the slanted upper walkway piece that can be seen in the screenshots from the 12th. This proved a bit of a challenge at first because it required a different approach to the previous modular parts.
I mainly played around with FFD modifiers on this part until I found something I was happy with.


After taking a two day break I came back and did some work on the roof sections and the lower walkway ramp. In addition I did more tests in engine and the scale of the pillar sections seems a lot better now.

My next task is find the correct width of the room, as it looks too wide currently, and I think this may be a combination of the stairs not being wide enough and the overall room sides being too far apart.

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