Week 2


To begin the process of finding the correct width of the room, I created a proper low poly model for the lower walkway section.


This time I did a bit of work on a more complex rounded corner section, and also found out that the cause of the issue with room width is because of miscalculation on one of the railing parts that connects from the side of the room to the pulpit. I tweaked this and found a room width I was happy with.


I began working on one of the tiling textures, the hieroglyphics that are seen a lot in the scene. I decided to model each letter and bake it since I am more comfortable with this workflow. The letters were baked onto a plane in a and textures were made in Quixel to test in UE4.


The previous texture test didn't make use of master materials so setting up one was the next goal.

Shown below is a the master material set up so far. In it's current state it blends gold and stone materials, and in this case i used it to create three variations of the hieroglyphic texture that I have noticed in the scene. I'm getting more comfortable with master materials as I work with them and using masks is becoming more second nature. The second screenshot shows examples of the different variations that can be created by toggling Boolean parameters in the material instance.


I began working on some more tiling textures; one regular tiling texture, and one trim sheet texture. The first screenshot shows how I have unwrapped the hand railing bars in relation to the trim sheet normal map texture. Secondly I made changes to the master material to accommodate these new textures along with a new porcelain material layer. The master material was previously aimed specifically at the hieroglyph textures, but now supports any maps and materials as inputs. The second screenshot shows meshes with 5 different material instances being used, and the last screenshot shows the current master material.

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