Week 3


I decided to begin working in Substance Designer on one of the stone textures. My intention when using substance is to easily generate a normal map for use in the master material (I am using the height based workflow in Substance Designer) Since I can still make tile sheets from the normal maps generated by Substance Designer I may end up using it for the majority of tile sheet creation, instead of modeling and baking the textures manually. The screenshot shows the node graph that generates the pattern used in the stone texture (See screenshots at bottom of page).


I created the geometry for the large floor mosaic design that stretches the length of the room. The reason I need to model the geometry for this flat surface is because I will need to be able to unwrap it a certain way to make use of my tiling textures. This requires some extra effort but it is useful in this case because it avoids having to create a very complex single texture.


Continued work on a texture in Substance Designer. Shown below is the node graph that generates the stone detail and the end result. The graph begins with a node that references the pattern shown in the previous graph screenshot and uses that as a base to add the detail to.


I wanted to improve my scene in UE4 because so far I had been importing the entire environment as one object with material elements, and this was becoming cumbersome. I also wanted to unwrap the models I had so far so I could test lighting properly so I begun that process.


I finished unwrapping the finished low poly models and separating them into the pieces I would need to rebuild the scene in UE4. Using the editor's vertex snapping tool was fairly easy to use when rebuilding the scene and having the assets separate made everything a lot easier to keep track of and enabled me to update individual parts of the environment. The screenshot below shows the rebuilt scene.


After testing lighting and checking light map resolutions, I went back to Substance Designer and did a little more work on the two textures I had been working on previously. The textures are shown below in screenshots taken from Marmoset Toolbag 2.

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