Week 4


The area around the main window has now reached the same level of detail as the rest of the level. The next task is to complete the wall at the other end of the room, so I can begin the process of going through the assets in the room and unwrapping them to the tileable textures I will be creating.


The other end of the room has now been added, I will now go through every asset adding normal detail to them and making small changes to the geometry to support the tiling textures if needed. I have also improved the lighting setup in the scene, it now uses the global illumination setting in my post process volume to add ambient lighting.


Parts of some assets are unwrapped properly now and examples of how I am doing this is shown in the screenshots below.

Although the UV shells extend out over the edge of the UV space, this does not matter since the textures will tile.


The geometry in the area around the pulpit has now been completed.


I spent today creating Powerpoint presentation describing the current state of the project as this is required by the module. I did a little more work on lighting the scene as well.

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