Week 6


I've continued making progress on finalising the meshes and their material elements in UE4, and also created another tiling texture in Substance Designer. Shown below is the list of current material instances that represent the approximate colour of the finished texture. These are what I am applying to the imported meshes' material slots, so that when I create the textures I can simply update each instance with them. It is important to note that I will be aiming to combine many of the tiling textures into tilesheets to reduce the amount of textures loaded.


Continued work on readying assets for texturing, and created another tiling texture. In addition to this I've created a candle particle effect using beam emitters. The two textures created so far this week have been created using height and normal map data baked from meshes in 3ds Max, which are imported into Substance Designer and plugged into a simple graph template I made.


I created a complete trim texture that can be used in most places where there is a generic edge trim, and can also be used to smooth sharp edges if the model unwrap is positioned correctly on the texture.


I'm still working on the final detail pass on assets and am making steady progress despite a few small scaling errors I've encountered. I have also created a light function material to create a candle flickering effect. This was mostly a trial and error of playing around with sine and time nodes in the material editor and seeing what worked.


I created a texture for the star mosaic design seen on many parts of the floor. I decided to create this as a single texture as opposed to using geometry and separate materials as the amount of geometry required to make it would be quite large and inefficient in terms of polygon count. I created the complex star shape in 3ds Max and baked normal and height maps from it for use in Substance Designer, in which I created the mosaic tiles and other maps including roughness and albedo.

Left to right: Albedo, Normal, Roughness, Ambient occlusion, and an RGB mask used for masking in Substance Designer.


During the creation of the star texture I realised when rendering the material that I had a bad habit of making albedo values too dark, so I adjusted the levels and noticed a huge improvement. I also went through my materials in my UE4 scene and increased the brightness parameter value but about 150%, so that the scene now lies in a mid to light grey range, which is where I think it should be.


I began work on the geometry and IDs on the floor of the lower corridors, and also did some work on lighting, aiming to brighten up the center of the scene a bit more.

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