Week 7


I've unwrapped some parts of meshes to the first tiling texture that I made last week, and the texture appears to work quite well as a generic edge trim.


The majority of the main floor section is unwrapped. This involved using the alignment tools in the 3ds Max UV editor as there were many curved shells that needed to be straightened.


Started work on compiling another trim texture, this time by combining already existing textures in Substance Designer. I also created another piece of trim in order to complete the trim sheet. I feel as though this is a good way to combine textures as I can control them in Substance using masks.


Unwrapped a few meshes to the newly created second trim texture. The texture still needs some tweaking but I am happy for the most part.


Created a carpet texture, this made use of some of the previous hieroglyph textures for masking the gold parts of the carpet.


Made the decision to use a simpler shader instead of the previously created master shader as I haven't been able get the environment looking the way I want it so far. This is quite a big decision to make as part of the focus of the project is aimed at using master materials, however I will still be making use of masks and channel packing, the difference is that I won't be using one shader for the majority of the environment. From now on I will be using a simpler shader set up that makes takes each output texture from Substance Designer and I will use masks when needed.

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